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Even though the lockdown in London and many other parts of the world continues, it doesn’t mean we can’t make our weekend’s special! I suggest planning out some activities... Read more

Moroccan Girls try Don’t Ruch Challenge!

Finally we did it 🎬another challenge with this beauties A La Maroccaine 🇲🇦 . This was actually really fun to make! Tag a friend you need to try this... Read more

Muslim Girls Try Don’t Rush Challenge! 🇲🇦

Took a lot of co-ordinating, but finally happy it’s complete. Shout out to all my girls 🔥 in this video! BTW, YOU ARE ALL QUEENS Read more

Sintra Vlog |💍اول مرة باللبسة الباكستانية💕احتفلنا بأول عيد زواجنا

Here’s a vlog showing you guys where we went on our anniversary! It was so gorgeous but because we were relaxing my mind wasn’t on vlogging the whole time,... Read more

The Lisbon Vlog | ✈️ رحلتي الى لشبونة

Lisbon very quickly became one of my favourite cities in the world and I couldn’t believe no one had ever told me about it. This city is full of... Read more